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Protecting human life is our primary duty.

In line with this principle, our job security policy is;

• To keep Pal Plastik administration and its employees in full responsibility for job security

• To fulfill all legal requirements within the scope of work safety.

• Provide resources in this direction.

• Training and continuing on this area.

•  The use of appropriate protective equipment for the prevention of accidents and diseases in the workplace

• To ensure the correctness of the methods employed and the continuity of ongoing applications to achieve our occupational safety goals.


• To provide our customers with more environmentally friendly (recyclable) packaging materials and reduce packaging costs by 30% to 70%

• Being conscious as a task for the creation of more beautiful and forested areas in our district.

• Retrieve used packaging materials from our customers for recycling.

• Continue on water based paints and research and development work.

"You can send your background to +90 212 746 59 29 or you can send an e-mail to info@palplastik.com”

“Your background will be saved in human resources data and will be evaluated when necessary. "

Open positions

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