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Pal Plastik has an understanding of producing solutions in accordance with the needs of its customers by following the developing technology and new packaging techniques. Our company which applies this vision successfully both in Turkey and abroad, conducts research and development studies in order to significantly reduce the packaging cost of the customers and has an important position in packaging R & D with the technical support it gives to its customers. In addition, it attaches importance to environmental sensitivity with the production of recyclable packaging.

The R & D team carries out important projects in the sector with its innovative approach. We make customer visits with technical and sales team and determine the customer needs on the spot and produce the most accurate packaging at the end of detailed studies. In addition, our company, which brings new proposals to satisfy customers in package design, is also in a respectful position in this field.

In the R & D laboratory; The customers are simulated with laboratory equipment in the way of using packaging and solution oriented proposals are introduced. Barrier films, flexible films, antifog films, sterilization and pasteurization and all kinds of technical-plastic film; As a result of the preliminary work done by the R & D team, it is presented to customers in various sectors.

Our company, which has successfully conducted R & D studies, is a firm that thinks, designs, manufactures, tests and shapes with the customers' wishes.

Pal Plastik is a reflection of the rapid development of the packaging sector in the world.