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• To follow up and to control all our products according to “traceability system” starting from raw material until the delivery to our customers.

• To train continuously our employees and to improve continuously their skills.

• To improve continuously our product quality and safety according to our customers satisfaction.


Our company needs our social security policy;

• Absolutely do not employ child workers.

• Forced labor is not employed.

• Religion, language, race, gender etc. differences are not observed.

• All kinds of precautions are taken on production for health and safety of workers.

• Provides an opportunity for employees to submit their suggestions and requests directly to the management

• Working hours specified in country conditions are complied with.

• Respect for employees' social security rights.

• It complies with the national and local laws in this area.

• Implementing, sustaining, and constantly improving this policy.


• To educate the unemployed through SIAD and Silivri Municipality

• Participate in afforestation activities in our district.


Pal Plastik with Brc-IOP and GMP quality certificates,  ensures the establishment and continuity of the HACCP system aimed at ensuring all hygienic conditions and high quality standards desired by food producers, the implementation of a documented and effective quality management system and the effective control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.

BRC-IOP standard is designed to help retailers and food manufacturers to meet their legal obligations.

Standard provides retailers with the protection of consumers by establishing a general basis for the inspection of companies supplying packaging for food products.

It is necessary to ensure that the packaging is used in private label products after passing through the appropriate systems and controls for safe consumption of food.

This standard protects consumers through the auditing of companies that produce the packaging used in food products.

BRC / IoP Certification;

• Protecting foodstuffs from contamination and contributing to the presentation of foodstuffs and, most importantly, ensuring the shelf life of the product is at least as important as food safety standards.

• Provides a regular verification program that allows for regular reporting for food retailers and other parties.

• Contains detailed hygiene, product safety and quality coverage.

• Ensures compliance with the legal requirements of packaging producers / suppliers, packagers and retailers.

• Regular checks ensure continuous improvement of the quality, hygiene and food safety system.


• This certificate is a trusted certificate in connection with a well-recognized practical standard developed specifically for the food packaging industry to control hygiene and pollution hazards.

• The food manufacturer ensures that hazard analysis and contamination control procedures are independently verified. Provides a single evaluation visit recognized by multiple buyers and customers per term. It also contributes to the situation assessment of food packaging manufacturers as well as their food producers.