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In blown film process, a plastic melt is extruded through on annular slit die to form a thin walled tube. A high speed air ring is used in order to cool the hot film. The tube of film goes upwards, until it passes through nip rolls where the tube is flattened. The flat film is then either kept as such or slit from the edges to produce two flat film sheets and wound up to rolls.




A method that uses a flexible pringting plate to print on a substrate. Anilox rollers that are engineered ceramic materials pick up the desired volume of printing inks and transfer them to printing plates. Then the printing plates transfer the ink to the film.




Lamination process can be described as gathering two or more films together in order to obtain a multilayer film. The main purposes of lamination process are:
*preventing the direct contact of the packaged materials with the printing ink.
*improving the pyhsical resistance of the film
*obtaining a heat sealable layer for a lidding film.
*increasing the attractiveness of the packaging material.




Slitting process can be described as cutting a large roll into narrower rolls.




In the bag making process; printed, unprinted, laminated or single layer films are folded, welded and cut for to produce bags. Zipper bags, side cut bag, vacuum bag, side gusset bag, doypack bag or quadro bag can be given as an example of these products.