Food Packaging


Product Types: High barrier vacuum bags. Standart or individual dimensions. Suaitable for dry food, meat and dairy products, seafod etc. Suitable for gas filling.

Technical Details of Vacuum Bags

  • Between 90 – 150 micron
  • Provide high oxygen barrier
  • High puncture resistant suitable for hard, shelled or boned foods
  • Transparent or printed up to high definition 10 color
  • 100% Food safe
  • Suitable for vacuum + gas process
  • Pal Plastik’s innovative vacuum bags developed in Pal Plastik laboratory and provide up to 30% higher shelf life for foods

What Are the Advantages of Pal Plastik Vacuum Bags

  • To use our vacuum bags for packaging your products provides you longer shelf life and 100% Food safety
  • You can buy our standard dimensions vacuum bags wholesale basis from our stock
  • We are laminating our vacuum bags with eco-friendly and decorative layers such as Kraft paper
  • We can produce any dimension with your private design

Usage Areas of Pal Plastik Vacuum Bags

  • Our vacuum bags may be used for sausage vacuum bags, cheese vacuum bags, meat vacuum bags, chicken vacuum bags, dairy product vacuum bags, Seafood vacuum bags, dry Food vacuum bags
  • We produce special vacuum bags for sensitive products, electronic or aviation equipment’s which are need high moisture and dust protection when transporting or stocking
  • We produce vacuum bags for special Food applications such as sous vide vacuum bags or dry aged meat vacuum bags


Our Stock Vacuum Bag Dimensions



Dimensions (Width x Length cm)

90 micron

15 x 20 cm

15 x 25 cm

18 x 22 cm

18 x 25 cm

18 x 32 cm

20 x 25 cm

20 x 30 cm

20 x 35 cm

25 x 35 cm

26 x 42 cm

30 x 40 cm

30 x 45 cm

35 x 45 cm

40 x 60 cm

50 x 60 cm