Food Packaging


As Pal Plastik we keeping stock for your small amount of stand up bag or zipper lock bag demands.

Pal Plastik no-name packages are suitable for small businesses and new entrepreneurs such as third wave coffee roasters, organic food suppliers, bakeries etc.


Advantages of Pal Plastik No-Name Bags

  • If you are medium or small entrepreneurs you can use high quality packages for your products
  • Stand up zipper bags provide additional benefit and usability both for producer and end user
  • You may easly customize no-name bags with a label on your company logo
  • You may purchase our no-name bags in small amounts suck as 1000 or 2000 pcs
  • Bags can be produce with or without window
  • Our no-name bags are suitable for goods which needs high oxygen barrier such as coffee bean, dairy products etc.


Pal Plastik Stock Bag Types

  • Kraft stand up bags with/without zipper
  • Kraft stand up bags with/without window
  • Paper touch bags
  • Quad seal bags
  • Block bottom OPP bags