Food Packaging
Stand Up Bags and Pouches

Stand Up Bags and Pouches

Stand Up Bag and Pouche Types

  • Multilayer laminated stand up bags
  • Printed stand up bags
  • Stand up bags with window
  • Stand up pouch bags
  • Stand up barrier bags

Usage Areas Of Stand Up Bags

  • Processed food bags
  • Stand up bags for food
  • Stand up coffee bags
  • Packaging for dairy products
  • Dry food and pulses bags
  • Stand up cookie bags and chips bags
  • Chemicals and non-food products
  • Non-food textiles and consumer products

Advantages Of Stand Up Bags

  • Stand up bags provides extra superiority for your products
  • Stand up bags are suatable for printing and privite design
  • Stand up bags are suatable for multilayer package stratures and can be use for meat and dairy products
  • Stand up bags provides usability for end user with zipper lock