Industrial Packaging
Raw Material Bags, FFS and Industrial Plastics

5kg to 50kg High puncture resistance and puncture resistance

Product Types: Metalized and Aluminum Glued Multi-layered Bags and Foils

Multilayer Aluminum and PE FORM-FILL-SEAL (FFS) BAGS

  • We produce printed or transparent bags and rolls  compatible with FFS packaging systems or manual packaging systems
  • High-strength rolls and bags against puncturing and explosion
  • Non-slip structure for safe overlap loading
  • Corner sealing to provide more efficiency
  • High – level product protection

Applications for FFS bags

  • Raw material, Masterbatch  and Polymers
  • Salt and powder food additives
  • Pet food
  • Dry food
  • Cement and construction chemicals
  • Seed, Fertilizer and Agricultural Products
  • Soda and Calcite
  • Chemical substances