Food Packaging
Dairy Products Packages

Top films & Bottom films, vacuum bags with high barrier

Product Types: Cheese Packages, Butter Packages, Yougurt Packages

Pal Plastik is developing and producing dairy product packages with 30 years of experience.

Type of Dairy Packages

  • PE,PET,PP,PS,PVC/PE,PET/PE Rigit Termoform top film and bottom film
  • High barrier films and bags for mozzarella
  • Pealable or easy peal film stractures
  • PA/PE ,OPA/PE and PA/EVOH/PE high barrier top films
  • Sterilization and Pasteurization packages
  • 9 + 1 color high definition printing
  • Partial matte lac and paper touch applicaations

Main Advantages of Our Dairy Packages

  • Food safety certificate
  • Provide longer shelf life
  • High puncture resistance provide high safety during storage and transportation
  • Three side sealed, Stand up bags or side gusseted bags provides different package alternatives